The Wandering Eye

The Voyeuristic Side of Art

I was fortunate to travel quite a bit for several years and captured my journeys through photography. I’ve always loved photography, as a kid, I was the main photog in the household and would spend hours poring over past images I had taken.

I used various low and mid-range quality cameras, from the Canon G and Powershot Series to Lomo and other crappy cameras. A fancy camera can certainly elevate the quality of a photograph but of primary importance is the Eye and that is something I believe I have. 



Alfred Muller as The Knave in Much Ado About Lebowski
Alfred Muller as The Knave/ The Dude in Much Ado about Lebowski. A Shakespearean Spoof of The Big Lebowski.


The Exhibitionist Side of Art

I performed Stand-Up Comedy/Sketch Comedy in the Bay Area and across the country for a number of years. Although I enjoyed the solo nature of Stand-up, I was eventually drawn to acting for the stage as a vehicle for expressing myself. To me, Stand-Up is like surfing. It’s you out there on your own, trying to ride an ephemeral wave that can crash at any moment. Acting is like playing a team sport, you can score on your own, but the most thrilling moment comes when you and your talented colleagues are firing on all cylinders creating something together. That collaborative nature in addition to the increased profundity of human emotion that can be expressed is why I love acting.



The Other Side of the brain

Software Engineering and Mathematics